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UWDL Presets Vol. 1

_ Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw _

Lightroom Presets UWDL Vol. 1 Box

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Here it is! My first Preset Package incl. 4 Presets (3x color, 1x b&w) for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. When you know my picture style you should have an idea of what you get. The presets are slightly warmer but also a little bit darker with the proper dose of roughness. The colors are not extreme and every preset looks quite natural. Also the skin tones shine pretty soft. But finally it depends on the quality of the RAW files you work with. Please have a look on my BEFORE-AFTER pictures. You will love it!

The most of the pictures on my website was edited with those presets. They run very easy and help you to edit your photos consistently. But the best is: they work with just one click! You can use them 1:1 or you create something new based on my presets. This is a good way to develop your own style.

In the package you find versions for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. It doesn’t make any difference what software of the both you use. Also it doesn’t make any difference if you are Mac oder Windows user. A detailed installation guide is inside the package aswell. When you follow the instructions the installation runs very fast and easy. If you have any questions about my presets don’t hesitate to write an email to: info (at) undwenndulachst . de

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Below you can find some Before-After pictures.
Except some small adjustments of brightness and color temperature the presets was applied on RAW files via 1-Click!









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